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Birri-Gubba cards make learning a snap: | Cards, Game, Language, Birrigubba, Card, Prior, Players, Pack | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Language Card
Language Card
ANY teacher will tell you that if you want people to learn quickly, you make the lesson fun.

Following this good advice, the language team from Birri-Gubba Wadja Bimbi Aboriginal Corporation in Townsville, now have people not only speaking the language, but yelling it at each other as they scramble to be the winner in the Birri-Gubba card game. The game is played along the lines of 'snap', only in this case, before a player can slam a hand down on a pile of cards, they have to first call the top card by its correct language name.

To be in the running to win, the players have to quickly build up their recognition of the BirriGubba animal names in the card pack.

The pack offers good value for money with a second game on the back of the cards. For this game the players have to collect eight cards to make up a picture of Gubull Munda, the Carpet Snake Dreaming Totem.

Promoting the card game, language worker Renarta Prior, says it has been a great success with all ages, with the noise level from the players being the only drawback.

The animal artwork on the cards was designed by Patrick Gungu Prior and George Prior. Renarta designed the Gubull Munda which incorporates the colours for each of the clan groups in the Birri-Gubba region.

The cards have a gloss finish and can be ordered through the centre at a cost of$10 per pack.

The contact numbers for the centre are:
phone 07 4721 0920 fax 07 4721 0930.