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Elders work with DETE in SA project | Project, Language, Arabana, Adnyamathanha, Aboriginal, School, Primary, Stuart | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Group photo of Arabana language revival project participants
Group photo of Arabana language revival project participants
A South Australian project aimed at supplementing current language resources, will see two new Aboriginal Language text books in use in schools in that State later this year.

Project Officers from the Department of Education, Training and Employment worked with Arabana and Adnyamathanha people to record language as accurately as possible, for use in primary school class rooms. The texts produced cover the basics of both of these languages.

Aboriginal elders taking part in the project enjoyed the chance to once again speak in their childhood tongue. The project was also seen as a positive step towards ensuring that loss of knowledge is reversed. The group members hope to eventually see the Arabana and Adnyamathanha being taught in the high school curriculum, as a natural progression from the primary introduction.

ABOVE: The photo shows the group who took port in the Arabana language revival project. Left to Right (standing) Joy Dodd, Valerie Fuschtei (Naylor), Aunty Jean Wood, Greg Wilson. (Seated) Uncle Laurie Stuart, Rex Stuart, Millie Warren, Mary Parker and Dr Luise Hercus.