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FATSIL and ATSIS combine for August meeting | National, Indigenous, Fatsil, August, Language, Adelaide, Recommendations, Workers | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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PLANS are underway to combine this year's FATSIL AGM with a two-day workshop run by the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS). The meeting, to be held in Adelaide in late August, will provide the opportunity for language workers from around the country to explore issues already known to be of common concern.

The combined meeting is being coordinated in response to recommendations from the National Indigenous Languages Forum in Perth, last October. The AIATSIS workshops will cover topics from conservation of records to electronic archiving and will allow people to address the issues of access to, and ownership of material held at the Institute.

Also in line with recommendations from Perth, the FATSIL meeting will be structured to allow more time on the agenda for open discussion and drafting of proposals. Key issues which were identified at last year's meeting, and are likely to feature on the Adelaide agenda are;

  • Training and employment strategies for indigenous language workers
  • Registry of indigenous linguists
  • National funding level for indigenous languages.
  • Examination of funding formula to determine distribution of national funds.
  • Increasing national awareness of the importance of community languages.

These, and other key topics will be the basis for workshop discussions, aimed at increasing the effectiveness of coordinated language program development in Australia.

A presentation from the National Archives in Canberra will be included in the program. Although originally planned for September 2000, the date for the AGM has been brought forward to avoid possible travel and accommodation difficulties due to the Olympic Games.

More information on the August meeting will be given in the next issue of the Voice of the Land. Inquiries can be directed to the FATSIL Secretary, Ysola Best.