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Ricky Guivarra from North Queensland at the February FATSIL Committee meeting in CanberraFATSIL Governing Committee will have their heads buried in paperwork at the upcoming Canberra meeting, as they work through the initial draft of the corporation's Strategic Plan and Policy document. Consultant Kim Orchard has begun work on the documents under direction of the committee, and hopes to have the final draft ready for presentation at the FATSIL AGM in Adelaide, in late August.

The Board of ATSIC has appointed Lester Rosendale as the new Commissioner holding the National Language Portfolio. FATSIL has extended an invitation to the Commissioner to attend the Governing Committee meeting in Canberra from April 15 to 18 and looks forward to a strong working relationship in the future. Lester is a Guugu Yalangi man from Hope Vale in Far North Queensland.