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Fatsil's Data recording Project Begins | Language, Data, Fatsil, National, Developed, Holly, Activities, Initiatives | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Holly Currie
Holly Currie
FATSIL administration has set up a national data base to log details of language projects funded through the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Language Initiatives and the Language Access Initiatives Programs. The information recorded will provide a valuable recording base from which a comprehensive report on language activities around Australia can be developed.

The information used to establish the data base is being collated from State reports presented at FATSIL Annual General Meetings. FATSIL will invite language program coordinators to provide updated information on their current programs to ensure that the resource is developed to its full potential.

RIGHT: Holly Currie became a temporary FATSIL employee to input information to the National Language Activities Data Base.