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From the Editor | National, Fatsil, Chance, Adelaide, Agenda, Love, Faith, Australia | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Faith Baisden
THERE ARE lots of you around Australia who would love the chance to attend a national conference on indigenous languages, but for a number of reasons, never have the opportunity to go.

This August the FATSIL AGM and language forum in Adelaide will hopefully see people gathered from around Australia, but even more importantly, it will give a voice to the many people who'd love to be there but can't.

This year the meeting will include a full day to discuss the sort of topics that mean a lot to workers on the ground, but don't often make it to a national agenda. That's because this year you have a chance to set the agenda yourself, whether you can be there in Adelaide or not.

Big changes are happening for FATSIL with the development of the Strategic Plan and Policy documents, but FATSIL's most important role is still as the national voice of the people in the communities.

Here's a chance to use your voice. You can read about the meeting on page 9, and take time to write to FATSIL or to speak with your State delegate to share your ideas.Your individual input will certainly be appreciated, and the consultation of many can only make for a stronger national voice for our languages.

Faith Baisden