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Agenda open for this year's national Forum | Fatsil, August, Agenda, Wadu, Plan, Language, Open, Items | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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WITH FATSIL working well to achieve goals set at last year's Annual General Meeting in Perth, there's anticipation of an even more dynamic conference in Adelaide from the 25th to the 28th August. Following on from the AGM, FATSIL will host a two day language forum, `Inbarendi Wadu' - Meeting together (Kaurna). This will run on the 27" and 28th and will be open to all who wish to attend.

In response to requests for more open discussion time at national meetings, FATSIL will select the agenda for the last day's Forum from topics suggested by intending participants.

You are invited to use the form below to list up to five language related subjects you would like to see discussed in an the forum.

Registration for 'Inbarendi Wadu' is free, but for the purpose of catering it's also requested that you let the office know if you plan to attend on any day.

The forms can be returned to the FATSIL office or contact the FATSIL delegate in your State or Territory if you would like to discuss the matter further.

The deadline for contributions of suggested agenda items is the 3rd August 2000 and contact details for FATSIL delegates can be found on page 10 of the newsletter.

Proposed format for the FATSIL AGM and `Inbarendi Wadu'

25th August: FATSIL Governing Committee meeting. Committee members only to attend.

26th August:FATSIL members only. Presentation of the final draft of the FATSIL Policy Statement and Strategic Plan for consideration and to discuss implementation of the initial stages of the Strategic Plan. Close with FATSIL AGM.

27th August: Public meeting. Presentation of State Reports and project outcomes. Display of publications and the latest resources to have been developed by language project teams.

28th August: Public meeting. Forum discussion. (Facilitator to be appointed). Agenda items to be determined from responses to survey forms.