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Direction for languages firms with new strategic plan | Indigenous, Language, Strategic, Plan, Atsic, Fatsil, Australian, National | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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THE final draft of the FATSIL Indigenous Languages Policy Statement and Strategic Plan is now being prepared for publication after its acceptance at the recent Annual General meeting in Adelaide.

In introducing the document, the FATSIL Chairperson, Mr Lester Coyne thanked all those people who have been involved in the formation and development of FATSIL from its inception up to the present time.

"Their interest, hard work and dedication to the preservation of our indigenous languages is not forgotten, and was further enhanced by the positive actions of the Governing Committee who took on the task, and that current members have continued."

With the goals and objectives outlined in the Strategic Plan guiding the work ahead of the peak body over the coming three years, FATSIL Governing Committee members have begun prioritizing the tasks outlined. Achieving successful outcomes in relation to the Strategic Plan will be helped by the strengthening of effective partnerships with key groups in the areas of language, education and culture.

The Objectives outlined in the Strategic Plan include the following:

To set national priorities for indigenous Australian languages;

To respond to government on:
(i) Current status of indigenous Australian languages
(ii) Directions for the future development of indigenous languages
(iii) Current and future Government policy on indigenous languages
(iv) Inquiries relating to indigenous Australian languages

To provide recommendations on funding priorities;

To develop an overview of languages and related resources for the advice of members and to assist in the promotion of their indigenous language activities;

To provide a comprehensive consultative mechanism through:
(i) Regional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Language Management Committees and Language Centres
(ii) Direct community input

To act in an advisory role on issues relating to indigenous languages to ATSIC, Government and relevant non-government Agencies;

To act as the authority through which other agencies must seek endorsement for national indigenous language projects;

To promote the recognition and understanding of indigenous language skills, experience and knowledge in language, culture and heritage through educational and employment programs;

To encourage the training and development of indigenous language workers and specialist language speakers;

To lobby ATSIC elected arm at regional and national levels to support the continuation and enhancement of FATSIL's activities to retrieve, revive and maintain indigenous Australian languages;

Copies of the policy statement and strategic plan will be ready for distribution later this year.

Dr Jaky Troy Dr Jaky Troy who currently holds the position of Senior Project Officer in ATSIC, addressed the FATSIL AGM on recent changes to the administrative structure of ATSIC.Among these changes is the relocation of the Language administration to Alice Springs, with the Broadcasting section. Dr Troy also advised that the national funding formula for ATSILIP programs will be one of the matters examined in a planned review of the program to be undertaken by ATSIC.