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Gamilaraay students growing with the program | Language, Program, Gamilaraay, Team, Boggabilla, Students, School, Central | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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They put their "mara" in
The Toomelah/Boggabilla Gamilaraay Language Program began in 1996 when a position was made available for a language teacher, to provide a program for both of the schools. The township of Toomelah lies only a stone's throw from Boggabilla on the central Queensland - New South Wales border.


Now over four years later, the program has a coordinator who liaises extensively with the community to continue development of the program and the revival of the Gamilaraay language. The language team consists of a qualified teacher, an indigenous elder and an indigenous coordinator. The team is working to consistently employ the best of contemporary and culturally relevant teaching methods.

The kindergarten children love doing the okey pokey in lingo after a lesson in the traditional names for parts of their body. Another favorite game is lingo bingo.
The coordinator's position has opened language initiatives within the community, with more acceptance of the program, and a genuine delight in using language at home. Parents are in many cases learning from their offspring, who see the use of traditional words and phrases as `coor. Their teachers find that much of the sound systems and phonetics of the language come naturally to the young students.

High school students from the Gamilaraay/Boggabilla language program involved in dictionary work.
Members of the Gamilaraay Language team are keen to continue the development of their program, and would like to hear from other program coordinators or team members to share information and updates on new practices in the field.

If you'd like to be in touch, call Benadette Duncan on
07 4676 2104 or write to her at the Boggabilla Central School, South Street Boggabilla. NSW 2409