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From the Editor | Government, Opportunity, Wales, South, Policy, Indigenous, Promote, Development | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Faith Baisden
Faith Baisden
If you need any confirmation that the work being done to promote Indigenous languages is beginning to have a significant effect, look no further than the lead article in this issue.

The move by the New South Wales Government to reinstate the Aboriginal names for landmarks in the State, has resulted from growing awareness by people in Government, of the place that language holds in the nation's cultural landscape.

This awareness has grown because of the efforts of the many groups and individuals, who take any opportunity that presents itself to promote their own work or the work of their community, to people who make decisions in government.

Changes aren't just happening in New South Wales however, and hopefully over the next year we'll be able to report to you on important steps taken by other arms of Government, as they also begin to incorporate recognition of languages into the development of policy.

Supporting policy development is central to the work of FATSIL, and is certain to have its place in the agenda at the National Indigenous Languages Forum in Cairns in October. Let's hope that as many people as possible can take this opportunity to meet together. It's an opportunity to continue to develop and strengthen strategies that are now on many levels achieving great results.