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Serafino Presley, teacher at the Ti Tree School
AS ATSILIP Project Officer with the Language and Culture Centre at IAD, Harold Nayda spends plenty of time on the road.


From the Institute of Aboriginal Development in Alice Springs, Harold keeps in touch with thirteen language project teams over an area that covers much of the Northern Territory, and sees work progressing on seven different languages.

IAD staff wait for a plane at the Papunya airstrip.
The diversity of the projects ranges from the production of books in the Walpiri triangle, recording by the grandchildren of Gus Williams, at Hermannsburg, and recently welcoming American Indian visitors to the Language Centre at Alice Springs.

Two years ago, Harold was instrumental in the Centre Serafino Presley, teacher at the TiTree School,at Papunya.Taking advantage of available education premises the language centre staff set up literacy and numeracy courses for the community, incorporating lessons in Luritja and Pitjantjatjara.

At Ti Tree, two hundred and thirty kilometres north of Alice Springs, the work of Serafina Presley and Indigenous Principal Zania Liddle, has been supported with substantial funding by the NT Department of Education.The Government grant will assist the continuation of the successful Walpiri/Amatjetre program running in the school.

The Director of the Institute for Aboriginal Development at Alice Springs, Richard Hayes, with Language and Cultural Studies Coordinator, Neel Jackson
Staff at the Language and Culture Centre are Lena Taylor and Christobel Swann, interpreters who work with the police and the travelling courts in the Central Region.Veronica Dobson and Mary Le Rossignoi are both language teachers and interpreters.Veronica is also a FATSIL delegate. Joyce Measures is Manager of the centre and Janis Stanton the Administrative Officer.