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Warrabarna Kaurna! | Language, Kaurna, Education, Revival, Study, Period, Similar, Educators | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Warrabarna Kaurna! Reclaiming an Australian Language is a longitudinal study of the reclamation of the Kaurna Language, where Kaurna people are working in collaboration with linguists and educators.The book takes an ecological perspective to trace the history of Kaurna, drawing on all known sources (mostly from the period 1836-1858), and all known emerging uses in the modern period (1989-1997).


Kaurna language revival began with the writing of six songs in 1990. Since then, the language has developed considerably; programs have been established for a range of learners; the range of language functions continues to expand; and the language is beginning to take root within Nunga households.Will it take the "great leap forward" and emerge as an everyday language?

This study is breaking new ground and challenges widely held beliefs as to what is possible in language revival, and questions notions about the very nature of language and its development.Very little knowledge of Kaurna remained, yet the language is becoming a marker of identity and a means by which Kaurna people can further the struggle for recognition, reconciliation and liberation. In the eyes of the community and within the education sector, the programs have already been a success.

This handbook is recommended reading for:

  • Indigenous or First Nations peoples throughout the world, especially those living in large urban centres, who are attempting to reconnect with their ancestral languages and cultures.
  • Linguists and sociolinguists interested in language revival, language planning, and languages in education.
  • The education sector and UNESCO.The book would be useful, not only to those involved in the delivery of Kaurna programs, but also to educators involved in similar programs worldwide.This study will serve as a model for the future, for languages in similar circumstances to Kaurna.

Please contact FATSIL for information on how to order.