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Faith Baisden
Faith Baisden
Exciting news for everyone with the announcement of the proposed National Indigenous Broadcasting service.This would be an incredible boost not only for the promotion of languages, but for the full expression of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and identity, presented in the lounge rooms of Australia, and before too long, overseas as well.

An interesting point that came up in talks at the Rockhampton summit, (where the NIBS was discussed) was the importance of indigenous print media, and the fact that for some reason this area has been overlooked in the past.

As a result, one of the jobs that's been set for the steering committee looking at the future of NIBS, is to review the number of indigenous publications of all sorts, so that a network of editors, writers and photographers can be set up.

This will be the basis for a contact list to offer the information sharing and support that are the ultimate aims of such network groups. I was pleased to be offered a position on the steering committee, along with Cheryl Buchanan as the other print media representative. I'm hoping to start with the network of regularly published Indigenous language newsletters, and from there find other community publications to add to it.

We can then make a start on compiling a list of Indigenous print media representatives from around the country.

Let's get talking. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Faith Baisden