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Napa Car | Napa, Rain, Dreaming, Happy, Resting, Quietly, Block, Thrashing | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Napa Car
Napa Car
Lola Jones, the Aboriginal Languages Project Officer with the Education Dept. in the Kimberley District and our contact person for the story above, lives with a constant reminder of the success of the Bush Mechanics series. It's parked on the vacant lot next to her house in Broome! Lola says she spent plenty of time listening to the boys thrashing the car around the block, and is happy now to see it resting quietly after all the fuss is over.

Pictured is the `Napa car', so-called because of the Rain Dreaming painted on the car by Thomas Jungala Rice, one of the main custodians of the Napa Tjukurrpa (Rain Dreaming).