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Faith Baisden
Faith Baisden
Well it's the twenty first edition of the Voice of the Land and what better present could we have than to be able to announce the development of the NSW 'whole of Government' Aboriginal Languages policy.

FATSIL members, especially those who've attended any of the National Indigenous Language Forums, will know that this outcome is one of the key targets of the national body, because it shows, effectively that the Government is listening and prepared to make changes.


But don't think you'll see FATSIL resting on its laurels. Now it's on to discussions with other States, the Territory and the Federal Government as well.

Another treat for our twenty first is to have the community at Port Keats share their stories and successes with us.They've been loyal readers of the VOTL since it first started, so I was really happy when I opened the photos and was finally able to put faces to some of the names I've been seeing on mailing labels for so long.

After 21 issues I look at the way the newsletter has changed in its presentation and appearance over the time. But far more gratifying is to look inside at your stories and see where the real change is happening, and exciting progress is being made.
Happy birthday to us.

Faith Baisden