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Dictionary of Aboriginal Placenames in Victoria | Aboriginal, Placenames, Victoria, Dictionary, Victorian, Collaboration, Historians, Linguists | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Language
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The Dictionary of Aboriginal Placenames of Victoria and its CD-Rom companion, Database of Aboriginal Placenames of Victoria are the products of three years work by historical geographers Dr. Ian D. Clark and Toby Heydon, representing a seminal and comprehensive process of collaboration with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal historians, researchers and linguists.


Commissioned by the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages, and funded by ATSIC, this is the most detailed and extensive Victorian dictionary of its kind, and provides a methodology and model for similar projects Australia-wide. The work contains over 3000 placenames from 35 Victorian Aboriginal languages.

The process of compiling the database has been innovative, drawing on wide-ranging sources and involving the collaboration with Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal groups, historians and linguists. As a result of the breadth of research, the work contains a great deal of information on each place, often providing several different names for the one place, and representing the rich cultural diversity of Aboriginal languages in Victoria.

The new works were launched at the State Language Workshop in Geelong in May.