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FATSIL Delegates gather before the AGM
FATSIL Delegates gather before the AGM
THE sitting members of the FATSIL Executive were returned to their positions at the elections that followed the AGM. Congratulations to Lester Coyne, Chairperson, Denise Karpany, Vice Chairperson, Barbara McGillivray, Secretary and Doris Paton,Treasurer.

New delegates welcomed to the committee are: 

For Torres Strait Islands: Samuel Aniba — Delegate; Mabel Tapim — Shadow Delegate.

Kevin Lowe returns as a delegate for NSW, replacing Stan Grant Snr.

The Committee would like to thank Dr Eve Fes! for her contribution as a Queensland delegate for the past eight years, during which time she also served in the positions of Vice Chairperson and Secretary.

The next meeting of the FATSIL Governing Committee will be held in Adelaide on the 6th, 7th and 8th December. The committee will start work on the operational plan for 2003 and will look at appointing subcommittees to address the recommendations that came from this year's conference.

The AIATSIS Research Grant Round for 2003 has now commenced.The grants support research into a wide range of areas such as history (including family and community history), politics, law, public policy, health, biological sciences, education, linguistics, social anthropology, archaeology and the arts.

The closing date for applications and referee reports is 31St January 2003. Applicants will be advised of the success or otherwise of their proposals during July 2003, with funds distributed from August 2003.
For information on the AIATSIS Grants for 2003 please refer to the website at: