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Fatsil calls on Govt to address LOTE priorities | Indigenous, Language, Funding, Community, Needs, Fatsil, States, Program | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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THE proportion of Commonwealth Education funding reaching Indigenous language programs and the need for States to report on outcomes for the funding received were targeted by FATSIL as key issues in the Review of Languages Other Than English in Schools Program.

Responding to the recent Federal Government inquiry, FATSIL's submission called for a review of the practice of funding Asian and European languages at the expense of Indigenous language programs across Australia.


The recommendations from the FATSIL submission are:

  1. That Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages be highlighted as one of the primary focus areas for the Commonwealth Schools program.
  2. That Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language programs are supported within all communities in Australia, to be accessed where the community so desires.
  3. That a language Policy Statement be produced to acknowledge the commitment by the Government to long term programs for the revival and teaching of Indigenous languages where the community so chooses. The policy needs to support comprehensive community consultation and involvement through all stages of language program development. This statement should acknowledge a responsibility of Federal Government in the teaching of Indigenous languages, and that they must be proactive in the protection, maintenance and promotion of the Indigenous Languages of this country.
  4. That funding be long-term in focus, and that appropriate performance indicators be developed that properly reflect the needs of communities working on the revival of languages.
  5. A requirement be made that States report back on a range of performance indicators attached to the LOTE funds. These performance indicators will be aimed at identifying specific targets to be achieved within negotiated time frames for Aboriginal language programs. The set goals and outcomes to be the subject of annual reporting.
  6. A requirement that States ensure widespread publicity of the availability and scope of the funding available and that procedures are developed to maximise community access where it is required.
  7. Steps be taken to fast track the training and development of Indigenous educators. For people with identified skills, a range of pathways needs to be identified to suit a variety of needs. Courses with multiple entry and exit points must be made available through TAFE institutions and Universities.