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Interpreting and Translating | Training, Interpreters, Translating, Funding, Government, Interpreting, Common, Services | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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some common concerns

PARTICIPANTS in the Interpreting and Training workshop discussed a number of issues that were common to programs from all areas. Speakers noted the difficulty of establishing the training requirements for Interpreters who work with numerous dialects of a range of languages. Training also needs to take into account the use of Aboriginal English and the need for interpretation of this distinct variant of language.

Accredited interpreters are needed in legal, medical and social services. All agreed there was a need for more skilled interpreters and translators, and expressed particular encouragement for young people to be trained.

The level of Government funding and who is responsible for administering that funding is also a matter of concern. At this stage the West Australian and Northern Territory Governments have provided some commitment to the financing of Interpreter and Translating services in those States, but approaches are also being made to the Federal Government.