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Target Outlined in new strategic plan | Indigenous, Language, National, Government, Fatsil, Committee, Plan, International | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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A NUMBER OF GOALS identified through consultation and community feedback have been incorporated into the FATSIL 2003-2005 Strategic Plan, which was endorsed at the Governing Committee meeting in December 2002.

The Strategic Plan and the more task specific 2003 Operational Plan, are proving useful for the committee in setting action plans and achieving record outcomes through Governing Committee meetings.

The implementation of the plans will see FATSIL continue to strengthen its position as the national representative voice for Indigenous languages and lobbying force with Government and International language groups.

The four objectives to which FATSIL's planning is targeted are:

  1. To provide effective advocacy for the revival, maintenance and ongoing promotion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.
  2. Supporting and fostering for future generations an appreciation of the maintenance of cultural practice through language use.
  3. To fulfill its function as the peak Indigenous languages body by providing relevant advice to community, Government and non-Government agencies.
  4. To provide a supportive operational and administrative structure to support the peak body in presenting an effective voice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language programs.

Within that planning structure the following are some of the key points on the committee's agenda for this year.

  • Initiate and oversee the development of comprehensive Indigenous Languages Policies for all States and the NT in a process which has already achieved successful results in New South Wales and Queensland. By placing the policy proposal on the MCATSIA agenda, all relevant Governments are now aware of the intention to pursue its implementation.
  • Develop links with international peak Indigenous language bodies to broaden exposure to resource and program concepts, explore alternative funding sources and promote Australian Indigenous languages to an international audience.
  • Work towards the establishment/purchase of a permanent national headquarters.
  • Initiate the development of a legal framework for copyright and intellectual property ownership for language groups.
  • Liaise with the Broadcasting sector to increase Indigenous language content in television and radio programming.
  • Actively seek increased funding from government and non- government sources to be directed to language programs.
  • Lobby politicians at State and Federal levels to increase awareness of the needs associated with language maintenance and revival, and to aim for commitment from legislators to redress the neglect of Indigenous languages in previous government process.
  • Finalize the National Indigenous Languages Policy.
  • Respond to requests from TV, Radio and print media for articles, contacts, research data and referrals.
  • Support the development and publication of research documents.
  • Support the establishment of a National Indigenous Broadcasting and Communications Service (radio, television, print and multi-media) which will have a landmark role in the promotion of Indigenous languages to national and international audiences.
  • Maintain a contact register for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island languages.
  • Propose changes to the FATSIL Constitution, with the aim of establishing a fair and equitable system of voting members to the position of FATSIL Governing Committee members.