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From the Editor | Committee, Delegates, Meetings, Procedures, Governing, Fatsil, Faith, Role | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Faith Baisden
Faith Baisden
IT'S an exciting time for FATSIL to be finally putting into place the new election procedures for Governing Committee members. Because it's important at the same that all the i's are dotted and the t's crossed before the whole process begins, the committee has decided to delay the AGM and National Languages Forum till February, to make sure that the new procedures are run in smoothly.


It's probably a time when people ask questions about the role of a Governing Committee member or delegate, and it's one well worth considering for people who are thinking of making the offer.

A most important point to take into account with the delegate's role is the time commitment that is actually involved. Delegates are asked to attend four meetings a year with the committee as well as representing FATSIL wherever possible at many other related conferences that crop up through the year. They must be able to report back to their communities and work to see that information gets out to all language project teams in their state or territory. There are subcommittees to be filled and regular reporting requirements to the full committee.

Delegates don't receive any reimbursement for their time away from work, and certainly many of these dedicated people are using their annual leave from work to attend the meetings. There are no sitting fees and basic travel allowance is paid. Of course there are heaps of positives to make up for these demands, mostly from the satisfaction that people find in working to make a difference.

Faith Baisden