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Contacts directory and database update | Language, Indigenous, Database, Project, Contacts, Aboriginal, Current, Directory | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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FATSIL has received funding to upgrade the National Indigenous Languages Contacts Directory (last published in 2001 ).This includes updating contact information, as well as the collection and recording of a range of related data to be maintained and made available to all stakeholders involved in the preservation of Indigenous languages.

A database has been established to record information on the following:

  • Contact information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Language Centres and Language Committees
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.
  • Current and proposed language programs/projects.
  • Language speakers who wish to be listed as resource persons.
  • Language resources currently published or pending publication.
  • Indigenous language teachers.
  • Related Government and non- government agencies
  • Linguists with experience in Aboriginal community projects.
  • Consultants in the field of Indigenous language project service.
  • TAFE and Universities with Indigenous language units.
  • Potential funding sources.

At this stage it is envisaged that the information in the database will be able to be accessed by searches from the FATSIL website.

Carolyn Barker has been employed on a part time basis to compile this information. She is currently setting up the database and updating project details where information is available from the Internet or other publications. Early in the New Year, Carolyn will be calling o'N each of the organisations and i 41 contact people in the existing contacts directory to make sure your current contact and project details are up to date.

If you have details of your current projects/resources/ contacts or any of the above information which you would like included in the database, please email it to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Alternatively if you have any queries or would like to talk further about the project feel free to call her on 07 3256 1686 and leave a message, she will be happy to call you back at a time convenient to you.