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National Survey to identify language needs | National, Survey, Language, Fatsil, Islander, Current, Torres, Strait | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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A national survey of the state of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages will give communities the chance to inform the Federal Government of current and future needs for language support and preservation.

AIATSIS has commissioned the survey, to be conducted jointly by FATSIL and AIATSIS, (Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies), utilising funds from the Endangered Languages Output.


The survey will draw on current data collated through the national languages network, and the results gathered from surveys undertaken in different regions of Australia over the past eight years.

Copies of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages Survey form will be available on the FATSIL and ATSIC websites, or can be ordered by contacting the FATSIL office on 03 9602 4700.

Language funding moves to DCITA

ORGANISATIONS previously funded by ATSIS have been advised that proposed changes resulting from the disbanding of the service will not affect current arrangements, and that funding for next year will continue as previously advised.

The most recent information is that the Languages Program will now be administered through Dept. of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, with the present staff remaining with the program.
Alice Springs forum a celebration

PLANS are underway for this year's FATSIL AGM and National Indigenous Languages Forum to be held in Alice Springs in October. With a theme of" A Celebration of Languages in Song, Dance and Story", this year's gathering will once again be an opportunity for language communities from around the country to join in, sharing knowledge and promoting languages through the strength of community commitment.

More information will be made available as accommodation is identified and final dates tied down, however as with other National Forums, costs will be kept to a minimum. Individuals or groups interested in performing at the Forum are invited to contact the office on 03 9602 4700.