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National education working party adopts FATSIL recommendations on languages | Language, Fatsil, Indigenous, Education, National, Policy, Minister, Conference | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait I
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The Victorian Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Mr Gavin Jennings with FATSIL Committee members, Barbara McGillivray, Lois Blackman and Sahardi Coding.
The Victorian Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Mr Gavin Jennings with FATSIL Committee members, Barbara McGillivray, Lois Blackman and Sahardi Coding.
FATSIL'S input to the MCEETYA National Review of Languages Education, and ongoing contribution to working party discussions has produced outstanding results, with the release of the MCEETYA National Statement for Languages Education in Australian Schools (2005-2008).

The statement, resulting from a series of national roundtable meetings now includes recommendations specifically targeted at providing Federal funds for areas such as Indigenous language teacher training, and personnel education for school based programs where required.

The document forms the basis for the National Education Action Plan and subsequent national policy development. FATSIL delegate to the national education working party, Mr Kevin Lowe, said the new recommendations are of great significance for all language communities.

"This action plan will give Indigenous people the leverage we haven't had in the past to implement programs within an agreed framework. It means Indigenous programs will have access to part of $110 million in Federal language funding to be spent over the next four years."

The recommendations are to be submitted to the July meeting of the Ministerial Council for Education, Employment Training and Youth Affairs (MCEETYA) and if ratified by the council will be in place for 2004/2005.

Jennings gives Victorian policy go ahead

VICTORIAN Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Mr Gavin Jennings has given his support to FATSIL's outline of a State Indigenous Languages Policy after a meeting with a FATSIL delegation in March.Acting Manager, Lester Coyne and Victorian delegate John Atkinson met with the minister and his adviser, Prue Stewart, to lay the groundwork for further discussions on the policy issue.A more detailed procedural outline will be drafted before the process of community consultation begins.

South Australian minister backs proposal

MARCH also saw a successful meeting with South Australian Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Mr Terry Roberts. Lester Coyne and the Yaitya Warra Wodli State Language Committee took the opportunity to discuss state policy issues, and to outline the broader context of language preservation in relation to health, economic and social benefits at a meeting with the minister in Parliament House. Further meetings are proposed for the coming months.

North Qid venue for State meeting

REPRESENTATIVES from the five language regions in Queensland have been invited to attend the State meeting to be held in Townsville on the 17th and 18th June.The meeting which has been funded through the ATSIS Endangered Languages Output, will provide a forum for language workers and community representatives to consult with State Government representatives on the Indigenous Languages Policy.The development of the Queensland Indigenous Language Policy. The conference is being coordinated by FATSIL and the Girringun Aboriginal Corporation.

The conference will help to develop strategies to ensure that all endangered Queensland Indigenous languages are recorded and preserved according to the best practices available, and that Government and non-Government agencies in the State are drawn into collaborative partnerships aimed at the promotion and preservation of languages.

For any inquiries regarding the conference, please contact Girringun Aboriginal Corporation on 07 4725 7799 or the FATSIL office.

FATSIL is also involved in the meetings, to be coordinated planning of two WA State with the assistance of the Wangka Maya Pilbara Language Centre and Noongar Regional Council.The meetings are being planned for July/August 2005 and will allow community and project representatives to discuss issues including the problems related to limited funding, dialogue with State and Federal Government agencies, language teaching and education and interpreting services.

For further information regarding the conference, please contact the FATSIL office.
Tel 03 9602 4700
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