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Queensland Cultural Heritage Bill reviewed | Cultural, Language, Heritage, Queensland, Torres, Strait, Aboriginal, Islander | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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THE  Queensland Government Dept. of Natural Resources and Mines last year produced the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill 2003 and the Torres Strait Islander Cultural Heritage Bill 2003 with the purpose of protecting the cultural rights of Indigenous Queenslanders.

FATSIL has undertaken a review of the documents and drafted a response to the Government which highlights shortcomings in the consultation procedures, and the inadequacy of both the process undertaken and the document produced.

  • On October I 7th 2003 UNESCO adopted the International Convention on the Preservation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. This convention recognises language as cultural heritage and recognises the value of, and the need to safeguard, endangered languages.Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages are the intangible cultural heritage of the state of Queensland. They need to be preserved and managed to the same extent as the tangible cultural artifacts and sites which are currently recognised by the Queensland Cultural Heritage Bills 2003.
  • Both Bills fail to recognise that, from an Indigenous perspective, language and culture are inseparable, are fundamentally connected, and in turn they connect people to country. Language is not merely a discrete entity; it is not merely part of culture; language is culture. Language and culture are embedded in one another. Language provides the means for inter-generational transmission of cultural practices and knowledge. Language embodies the heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It connects them to their cultural practices, their knowledge of country and their unique identity.
  • Unless and until Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages are protected by legislation, language loss will not be arrested, language revival will not be supported and language maintenance will not be achievable for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Of all Acts in Queensland State legislation, these two are the most appropriate for the inclusion of languages.

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