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Cape York Computer Culture | Education, Coen, Project, Engage, Cultural, Community, Team, Transmission | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Ann Creek and Jenny Creek
Ann Creek and Jenny Creek
Cape York Partnerships team leader Noel Pearson, has for a long time been working with his people to find a solution for the education crisis they are experiencing, where the children have increasingly low education outcomes and there is a rapid decline of Aboriginal languages being learnt and spoken.

Pearson and his team have worked closely with the Coen community to develop and trial their innovative approach on a project called Computer Culture.

The project is about getting family and community engagement in cultural transmission and education through the use of digital technology.The project aims to:

1. Engage families in a cultural transmission education project so that they begin to take responsibility for:

  • School attendance;
  • Children being 'school ready':
  • Behaviour management;
  • Children's learning development;
  • Financial support for children's education.

2.To engage students in a cultural transmission education project so they feel their education achievements are supported by their family and are:

  • Comfortable and confident with the learning experience;
  • Technologically skilled in digital mediums;
  • Gaining an understanding of their history;
  • Able to engage in their own culture and the wider world.

3.To engage the 'community' of Coen and its supporting agencies in a cultural transmission education project so that they begin to work cooperatively and in partnership to:

  • Strengthen Partnership alliances that address education outcomes;
  • Develop opportunities within current programs and services to included education links;
  • Develop new programs that gear up support around the emerging commitment of families, students and educators.

Ann Creek is the Deputy Director of the Coen Regional Aboriginal Corporation and member of the Southern Kaanju people. She is a mother and grandmother, and is a highly regarded leader in Cape York having held positions of Executive Director of the Cape York Land Council and Coordinator of the Land and Sea Unit for the Coen Region.

Ann is considered one of the main drivers of the project in the Coen community and sits along with Jenny Creek on the Education Management Team.Jenny Creek is a member of the Southern Kaanju group and works for the Coen Regional Aboriginal Corporation as the Sports and Culture Officer.

A part of her role involves working with the eight distinct language groups in the region as a Language Resource Officer on various projects. As part of the Coen Education Management Team Jenny will lead the work on language projects currently in development and scheduled for delivery in later 2004.