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New Council to drive State policy in South Australia | Policy, Indigenous, Council, Government, South, Agencies, Community, Development | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Cu
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This has been an historic meeting. It is a marker in the growth of maturity in relations between government agencies and community organizations and other important bodies such as the universities."


Irrabina Rigney The development of a State Indigenous Languages Policy for South Australia has been given a springboard with the formation of a powerful inter-agency council.The South Australian Indigenous Languages Policy Council (SAILPC) includes representatives from Indigenous community authorities, key government agencies, DCITA, FATSIL and the tertiary education/research sector One of the initial tasks of the ILPC will be the development of an advocacy plan designed to raise the profile of Aboriginal languages and language rights within the SA Government and Parliament.

The Policy Council has also undertaken to define its own Terms of Reference and future composition, and to decide the means by which Indigenous control of the policy framework will be ensured. It is proposed that key State Government agencies will convene the Policy Council on a rotating basis, with the length of the term yet to be set.The Council is also considering issues of staffing and financial support.
FATSIL Acting Manager Lester Coyne met with the South Australian Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Mr Terry Roberts in July to confirm the commitment of the government to support Indigenous Languages policy initiatives.