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Language Centre and FATSIL push policy in South Australia | South, Australian, Language, Australia, Policy, Affairs, Community, Development | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages an
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YAITYA VVarra Wodli Language Centre is following a plan of Government and community consultations in support of the development of a South Australian Indigenous Languages Policy.

In a recent meeting with the Chief Executive of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation, YWW Manager Denise Karpany discussed the future progression of the policy development process, and the desire of the consultative body to work towards a legislative base for South Australian language preservation. This follows talks held previously between FATSIL and the South Australian Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Mr Terry Roberts.

Discussions relating to Shared Responsibility Agreements have begun, or will soon commence with a number of organizations throughout the state, including Flinders and Adelaide Universities, the Unaipon School at the University of South Australia, the Statewide Elders' Committee, the Local Government Association of South Australia, the Attorney General's Dept, South Australian Museum and the Court Administration Authority.

The board of Yaitya Warra Wodli aims to maximize interagency coordination within the state, to generate the best possible outcomes for the community language programs.