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DCITA response to Clause II concerns | Clause, Material, Dcita, Funding, Indigenous, Licensed, Organisations, Oipc | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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DCITA has advised that changes have been made to aspects of the Program Funding Agreement that have caused serious concern for many Indigenous organisations in receipt of the Department's grant funding.

In light of issues raised by FATSIL and many other Indigenous Languages and Arts organisations, DCITA examined the possibility of redrafting the IP clause in the Program Funding Agreement with the Office of Indigenous Policy Coordination (OIPC). The OIPC agreed to a revised version of the IP clauses which are aimed at addressing the communities concerns and clarifying the Commonwealth's intention.

The change to Clause 11 relates to the definition of "licensed material" which is on page 6 of the Terms and Conditions booklet. Licensed material in 2005-06 means all reports (a term which is also defined on page 7) which are provided under the terms of the contract, and also all material which is specified in the schedule.This changes the clause from being an automatic requirement, to being a right which needs to be specifically identified in the schedule, and therefore is open to negotiation between the parties to the contract. DCITA has advised that no licensed material has been specified in the schedules for the MILR or RACS programs.