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From the Editor | Speeches, Language, Minister, Beyond, Funding, Face, Faith, Roundtable | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Parliament is just the place we want to hear people giving speeches in support of lndigenous languages. Real change from Governments will come when politicians not only read their speeches to the house, but actually demonstrate an understanding of the issues they are talking about.

A recent speech to the Northern Territory Parliament by the Education Minister Syd Stirling is an interesting case in point. On this day, the Minister went beyond the familiar listing of flexible statistics to paint the picture of one lndigenous student's challenges in the school system as it is.You can read part of it on page 6

Perhaps it pays to keep copies of speeches like these on hand, so that when we are applying to Government departments for funding, we can emphasise that the push for change is being voiced at the top. Hopefully that voice is about to become much stronger and more consistent across the country.

Also in this issue- a snapshot of the National lndigenous Languages Roundtable in Adelaide.

It was lovely to see people greet each other after many years spent working in the same field, but only rarely getting to meet face to face. I guess it highlighted two things.The first is the importance of networking, and the second is the incredible dedication of people to their
language programs.These people stay on the job when the volunteers are nowhere to be found, when the funding is cut off and when it seems that no one beyond the language centre is listening. Language work is in safe hands.

Faith Baisden