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New course opens for language teachers | Indigenous, Language, Teaching, Graduate, Diploma, Degree, Education, Certificate | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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THE Koori Centre of the University of Sydney is introducing a new degree; the Master of Indigenous Languages Education in 2006.The course is designed to meet the need for qualified Indigenous instructors to participate in the delivery of language teaching programs in a range of educational settings.

It will be delivered in mixed-mode (block-release) over three blocks of one week each per semester, and take one year to complete full-time.

To qualify for the award of the degree students must complete 8 of the following units of study:

Linguistics for Indigenous Languages:
Sounds & Writing in Indigenous Languages;
Words & Meanings in Indigenous Languages;
Sentences & Texts in Indigenous Languages;
Field Methods in Indigenous Languages;
Research Project in Indigenous Languages, or;
Learning an Indigenous Language.

Teaching Indigenous Languages:
Theories & Methods in Language Learning;
Language Curriculum Development;
Technology & Language Learning.

Entry Requirements
The course is only available to Indigenous Australian students. Candidates must have a four year teaching qualification, that is; either a Bachelor of Education or a three year degree and a Diploma of Education, or hold other qualifications acceptable to the Koori Centre.

There is no language proficiency requirement for entry to or award of the degree. Candidates who wish to learn an Indigenous language as part of the degree must have access to a suitable external language learning program or study a language able to be offered by the University of Sydney.

Alternative Entry/ Qualifications
From 2007 the Koori Centre is proposing to introduce a Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma of Indigenous Languages Education. Candidates who have successfully completed two years of a recognised teaching qualification will be eligible for entry to the Graduate Certificate, which will consist of four of the units of study from the Masters program.

Students who successfully complete the Graduate Certificate will be eligible to complete two further units of study and qualify for the Graduate Diploma, or complete the remaining four and qualify for the Masters.

Teaching Qualification
The Masters, Diploma and Certificate will not substitute for standard teaching qualifications, but they will provide professional development for teachers in the Indigenous Languages area, and training for others to assist teachers or work in community education in Indigenous languages. If you wish to teach in a school you will still need to complete a standard teaching qualification for your state or territory.

For more information or to express your interest in undertaking the Masters, Graduate Diploma or Certificate, please contact:
John Hobson
(02) 9351 6994
1800 642 722