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Language Centres come together at Kurlana Mika- National Roundtable | Language, Roundtable, Communities, Resources, Delegates, Early, Projects, Teaching | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island
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The language centre delegates gave presentations on the progress of Language work in their communities. These presentations showed how early projects have been adapted by the communities and used as building blocks to create further resources and teaching programs. Examples of these were the use of early dictionaries to develop books and multi-media teaching resources. The full range of projects being undertaken across the country. was very broad, and varied according to the number of speakers and the amount of funding chat has been available. In many cases, the language centres are able to work on a limited number of the languages in their region, while there are still other languages that as yet have not had first recordings made the speakers.

FATSIL Chairperson, Denise Karpany presented a summary of the achievements of the peak body over she ease three years.

The Roundtable program included a review of some of the innovative ideas that are being used in overseas programs.There was discussion of wrays to adapt these programs for use in Australia. Delegates were able to share knowledge of individuals and organisations in other countries, who could become valuable contacts. They also exchanged information about relevant publications, resources and websites.

Over a number of sessions the Roundtable delegates developed a chart of common concerns that were having an impact on all communities. Among these were issues rebated TO training Indigenous Language teachers and having the resources at hand to employ appropriately trained teaches where language programs already existed!. Funding was again a major problem, as increasing numbers of communities are attempting to access the national Indigenous Languages Program funds.

The commendations and priority areas identified from the Roundtable are being drafted into a paper to be distributed to participants. These will also be incorporated into the FATSIL Strategic Plan 2006-2008.