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Wangka Maya Inaugural Awards | Language, Wangka, Aboriginal, Maya, Juluwarlu, Pilbara, Winner, School | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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The winners were:

Individual Contribution to Pilbara Aboriginal Language Maintenance and Promotion by a Youth (18-25)

Winner - Danny French

Danny learnt how to write language when he was at school and has kept a strong interest in further developing his skills even after school finished. He now works at Wangka Maya with the Nyangumarta language through the Wangka Maya CDEP. Danny has expressed his desire to learn more language from the old people and is working on this now.

Individual contribution to Pilbara Aboriginal Language Maintenance and Promotion by an adult (25 and over)

Winner - Ned Cheedy

Ned and his wife Cherry have been working on and off with the Juluwarlu Aboriginal Corporation's documentary production Ngurra 2 Rivers being filmed for the project. Ned told every story he could remember at the time of the filming, ranging from the creation times to present day. Ned continues tp pass on his knowledge of the land and his culture and his language,Yindjibarndi.

On these film trips he named waterholes, hills, campsites and sang Jawi & Ngunda all in Yindjibarndi. In doing this he is helping to preserve his knowledge and language for generations to come in hard copies on tape and film. He also still gets his children to take him to Juluwarlu if he remembers something like a song or story, when he comes we set up our video camera equipment and film his story or song and keep it for our archives.
Ned has been sharing his knowledge with other recorders before Juluwarlu was established 6 years ago but his passing on of his knowledge over the last years has been admirable and unselfish considering his age, which is nearly 75 or 80 and his limited eyesight.

Organisation/Business committed to Pilbara cultural awareness training for employees.

Winner - BHP Billiton.

Over the past five years BHPBilliton has made an investment in the cultural awareness of their staff. Over the past two years BHPBilliton has had a contract with Wangka Maya to deliver this training.The training has been a great success; with BHPBilliton looking to continue the contract and a possible stage two, with bush experiences.

Outstanding individual assisting others to maintain and promote Pilbara Aboriginal Languages

Winner - Purtungana Bangu

Purtungana has worked in the Bidyadanga School for many years work to teach languages. Purtungana has spent much of her time at work and her free time also helping Elders in her community to do this work as well. Purtungana has now joined the Wangka Maya CDEP to continue this important work.

Pilbara Community committed to working in partnership with Wangka Maya working towards Aboriginal language maintenance or renewal.

Winner - Jigalong Community

The Jigalong Council has shown commitment to working in partnership with Wangka Maya Language Centre on the recording of Indigenous languages and the production of language materials. The Council actively supports the preservation and use of Indigenous languages.

Educational Organisation committed to maintaining, promoting and using Pilbara Aboriginal Languages.

Winner - South Hedland Primary School

South Hedland Primary won the award, as they are a school committed to their language program teaching their students Nyangumarta.The school has also been happy to work with Wangka Maya to develop the Nyangumarta educational CD Rom. The school is dedicated to the maintenance of the Nyangumarta language.

Promotion of Pilbara Aboriginal Languages - Media award (award for a media organization or general
organization that promotes languages in the media.)

Winner - Juluwarlu Aboriginal Corporation

Over the last couple of years Juluwarlu has published three books (print media).Two of these books focused on the native flora and fauna and used the Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi languages to describe the plants and animals and their usages.
Over the last year Juluwarlu has filmed close to 100 hours of footage of our elders talking about everything from culture and history in language.This footage is the basis of a documentary currently being edited called Ngurra 2 Rivers.This work is similar to a previous film known as Exile and the Kingdom, the same people telling a different story.

Juluwarlu has now started Juluwarlu Television (JTV), which will showAboriginal programs both from around Australia and hopefully more of local productions.
These projects are going to preserve our language, culture & history as well as promote it and keep it alive for everyone to see.

Hall of Fame Inductee - (Award for a person who has made a long - term commitment to Pilbara Aboriginal Languages, Culture and History maintenance and promotion.)

Winner - Elizabeth Sailor

Elizabeth worked for many years in the Martu Wangka language at the school. Elizabeth also worked with Nyaparu Marsh for many years recording Martu Wangka and was trained by him over those years. Lizzie now works on the Kartujarra language through the Wangka Maya CDEP Language Worker program after retiring from schoolwork.

Elizabeth is devoted to the recording of language and the use of language in her community.