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Indigenous language and place name thesaurus online | Thesaurus, Indigenous, Language, Aiatsis, Hoped, Encourage, Groupings, Spellings | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Cul
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The thesaurus will allow the user to search and browse through Australian Indigenous language names and then quickly find out what AIATSIS holds, whether it be books, manuscripts, pictorial etc.

This thesaurus uses the Indigenous place name wherever possible and its non-Indigenous place name.
The thesaurus displays the more than 250 distinct Indigenous languages in Australia, many no longer in use.AIATSIS. Library staff worked for a year on the language thesaurus to check on the variable spellings for these languages and their groupings.

It is also hoped that this thesaurus will encourage libraries to more appropriately catalogue and index their collections with the most appropriate terms.