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From the Editor | Community, Report, Nils, Survey, Colour, Yipirinya, Faith, School | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Well here's an historical occasion for FATSIL - our first full colour edition of the voice of the Land.There is even more reason now to send us photos from your community and let everyone know how your programs are going, now that we can show everyone your pictures in colour.

There's also a lovely connection between two of our stories this month. On page eight we look back to the first meeting 25 years ago of the Australian Languages Association, a group that came together through their concerns for indigenous community language programs. That first meeting took place in Alice Springs and featured a presentation from the local Yipirinya Community School. How fitting then that the National lndigenous Languages Survey (NILS page 3) twenty five years later features the children from Yipirinya School on the front cover!

There has been plenty of interest in the NILS Report of course, and it will be interesting to see which of the recommendations are eventually taken up by the Government. Lots of our readers contributed their time and information to the survey, so I'm sure you'll be looking for ways to make the report work for our communities in the long term. All the details are included to help you to find the full report if you haven't already.

Faith Baisden