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Dianna carries the Commonwealth Games baton | Dianna, Language, Computer, Aboriginal, Software, Yarnteen, Adobe, Recordings | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Links formed between Yarnteen Aboriginal & Torre Strait Islander Corporation and Microsoft have result in plenty of media attention for innovative team at Arwarbukarl Cultural Resource Association - ACRA in past months.

DIANNA Newman was one of the first participants in the Microsoft sponsored Unlimited Potential Computer Training course run through Yarnteen, a program established to increase computer literacy among its community in Newcastle.After completing the course with much improved computer skills, Dianna was offered fulltime employment with ACRA to work on the Language Revitalisation and Reclamation program. Yarnteen chose Dianna to run a leg of the 2006 Commonwealth Games Queens Baton Relay at Microsoft's invitation as it passed through Newcastle in January.

Yarnteen was also featured on the Channel NineToday Show with Commonwealth Games 100m runner Joshua Ross and Microsok The story related to Yarnteens work with its community in computer training with youth, adults and Elders. Dianna also was able to tell how her experience in the computer training helped her gain fulltime employment as an Aboriginal Language worker with ACRA.

From old tapes to new cds

A recent inquiry about transferring recordings from old tapes to cds sent us looking for answers. If left indefinitely, tapes can deteriorate and the precious data be lost. It's also feasible that tape players themselves could become hard to find so transferring recordings to cds makes great sense.

Here's a tip from Sue Tomkins from Marry Rivers Aboriginal Language Centre based at Muurabay - Nambucca Heads In NSW. This may be of use to others wondering how to preserve their old recordings.

"I use Adobe Audition 1.5 This software enables you to record straight from the cassette deck to the harddrive. You can "clean up" the recording i.e. remove hissing and crackling that may be on the tape. Sometimes you can also remove background noise as well- You are then able to save and burn audio to a cd, This software is for a pc."

You can download a triad version of Adobe Audition 2.0 from the Adobe website version 2.0 is a new release.

Educational institutions, teachers and students can purchase this software at a reduced rate. Here are some websites where you can purchase this software
RRP$784you you pay $199
you pay $194 95.

In the Gumbaynggirr language Classes at Muurabay, splices of audio are Inserted into PowerPoint presentations and used In class, Creating a great teaching resource.If you'd like to know more, give Sue a bell at Muurrbay Aboriginal Language & Culture Co-op on 02 6569 4294. AIATSIS in Canberra is also only too keen to help out with advice on the preservation and storage of recordings.

Call them on 02 6246 1111.