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Learning Arabana with digital voice support | Arabana, Language, Cdrom, Aboriginal, Project, Resources, Learning, Nanna | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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"Antha pukatyi puntyu wirralhuku wayarnda," says the first voice, the Goanna Woman. "I want to buy some stink beetle meat." "Arayi. Manirnda," comes the response from the bush-store keeper - "OK, Get it"

The voice of the oldest speakers 0( the Arabana language can now be heard on CD-ROM through a series of creative, entertaining and educational language modules far Arabana students of all ages and for learners of other Aboriginal languages.

The Learning Arabana curriculum resource was developed through partnerships involving the Arabana community and the South Australian Department for Education and Children's Services (DECS), a Canberra based IT company, the Department of Communications, information Technology and the Arts (DCITA), and the then Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services (ATSIS).

Arabana Elders who worked on the project included Nanna Laurie Stuart, Auntie Jean Wood, Auntie Millie Warren, Uncle Syd Strangways and Auntie Pauline Thompson: Nanna Laurie has sadly passed away since completing this and other, related Arabana language project work in recent times. Other Arababa people contributed in a variety of ways, including reviewing and commenting on developments as they happened.

The CD-ROM and accompanying Teacher's Guide are sources of pride for Arabana people, and we acknowledged as high-quality teaching-learning resources.They have been distributed widely amongst the Arabana community and to about 60 sites in South Australia offering one of the nine Aboriginal languages currently supported in school and preschool programs.

"A writing, recording and editing participant in the project, Greg Wilson from DECS says the resources enhanced school-based programs and help learning/reviewing of Arabana to extend into workplaces and homes.

Arabana had few Language resources to support programs other than materials developed , within schools by teaching teams and a comprehensive grammar (Luise Hercus: 1994). The CD- ROM and Teacher's Guide, along with another Arabana CD set currently under development, challange Arabana teaching teams to incorporate teaching-learning strategies into programs, based on the use of recorded first language voices coming into the language classroom without the physical presence of the older speakers themselves,"

The ten-module CD-ROM content includes the Kaplrri Udlyurla 'Goanna Woman' story, word and sentance building modules, people and actions modules, and a beautifully illustrated bingo game which dorm from a pool of 74 recorded words and randomly uses 25 of these in each game... no two games are ever the same.

Since the publication of learning Arabana, an Adnyamathanha CD-ROM and Handbook, which
is based on a similar format, has aim been released: Learning Adnyamathanha, Multilocus
attractive provided the IT input to both the language resources.

If you would like to know more about the project, or to receive a copy of the CDs, each including 21 pdf file of the supporting print documents. Contact Greg Wilson on (O8) 8226 2825, or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Please note that CD number are limited.

"Artwork For the CD Rom was produced by students at Augusta Park Primary School and Marree Aboriginal School, Dale Gepp, Carol Wilton, Anthony Hammer, Miriam Bodger. Christine
McKenzie, Bruce Kenny, Greg Wilson, Lynn Grant."

Nanna Laurie's name is used with permission from the family.