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Kio Ora! | Fatsil, Language, Conference, Wipce, Commitment, Lowe, Melinda, Holden | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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OVER 2500 delegates from around the world attended the 7th World Indigenous Peoples' Conference on Education (WIPCE) 2005, at Te Wananga 0 Aotearoa (University of Waikato) in

With 'Te toi roa',- meaning lndigenous Excellence the overriding theme of the five-day conference, the result was an intense focus on Leadership, Research & Development, New Horizons of Knowledge and Reciprocal Cooperation & Redistribution.

Developing effective language programs was a key topic of the conference, with many of the
participating nations focusing on new approaches to the revival of traditional languages. Denise Karpany, Barbara McGillivray, Doris Paton, Melinda Holden and Kevin Lowe, who attended on behalf of FATSIL,met a number of other FATSIL members who were representing their own community organisations.

The conference included a Language Symposium, which gave an overview of the effectiveness of the Maori Language Immersion Programs.These began in 199 1 on the basis that the language is spoken exclusively for 7hrs a day for 610hrs a year.The effectiveness of the program is essentially dependant on a number of factors.These are

Resources - school, teachers and relevant programs

Commitment - Needed from parents, dents ,community and partner individuals and organisations.

Leadership - Commitment, understanding and sharing a sense of identity.

Parent/community - sharing, showing commitment promoting language use and acting advocates.

The Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated will host WIPCE in 2008.

A copy of the power point summary of the WIPCE prepared by FATSIL delegates, Kevin Lowe
and Melinda Holden can be viewed on the FATSIL website at