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Trafford Indigenous Language Publishing Pledge Update | Language, Trafford, Publishing, Indigenous, Community, Program, Publication, Books | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and
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TRAFFORD Publishing has announced a pledge I of C$1.6M to cover the publishing costs of 65 Indigenous Language books per year over the next, ten Years - a total of 650 new Indigenous language publications.This commitment to Indigenous language literacy follows a previous donation by Trafford Publishing of children's primers in five indigenous languages of British Columbia, Canada during 2003-4, plus the contracted publication of an additional five indigenous language books during 2005. See a sample of these publications at

First Peoples' Cultural Foundation, which operates, was the coordinator of the first series of ten indigenous language books and has been designated by Trafford as the agency to provide all future coordination, including setting criteria for evaluating and selecting which publication to publish under the new pledge.

First peoples' Cultural Foundation and Trafford Publishing are currently developing an information package for groups and individuals interested in the Trafford FirstVoices Publishing Program (TFVPP). The information package will contain following.

  • Description of the program
  • Descriptions of the donor organization,Trafford
  • Publishing
  • Description of the program coordinators, and  First Peoples' Cultural Foundation
  • Criteria to be applied in the selection process
  • Program application form
  • FAQ


1. Application are invited from anywhere in the world.

2. Applications will be accepted from any individual or committee approved by a recognized Indigenous language authority to act on behalf of their language community to coordinate the publication of a book in their indigenous language.

3. One publication per language will be funded through the program. (This is intended to make publishing available to as many different language as possible.)

4. Where differences in dialect result in the use of different orthographies applications will be considered for different dialects of the same language.

5.Application will not be considered from languages that have previously received a donated publication from Trafford publishing.

6. Language communities applying for the program must have reached agreement on the official orthography for their language and will be required to submit with their application a document signed by the appropriate community language authority to that effect along with samples of the orthography in use

7. Priority will be given to "press-ready" manuscripts.

8. Where technical requirement dictate, the language community will agree to adopt Unicode font technologies and keyboard to facilitate the publication process.

9.Preference will be given to secular publications, or to those with content that is supportive of the indigenous culture and spirituality.

10.Consideration will be given to the applicants financial need for this publication supports so that NGPs or group with clear access to other mechanisms of funding may not be considered.

11. Each participating language community will appoint a project coordinator who will be responsible for all communications between the community and the FirstVoice project coordinator.

12.Each participating language community will agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the publishing offer as laid by the donor. Trafford Publishing and the project coordinator,

13. Once final approval of the manuscript has been reached between an author and the FirstVoices program coordinator and forwarded to Trafford Publishing, it will be eligible for one hour of revision time by Trafford staff, Any revision work required of Trafford staff beyond the first hour will be subject to the standard Trafford rates for this service in effect at the time.

14. The donated publishing package will include 40 free books. Additional books can be orderes at cost at the expense of author or language community.

15. Books ordered by the author community are available at cost (plus shipping and handling) directly from Trafford Publishing.

16 Books ordered by a third party are subject to retail mark-up. The profit from these sales is passed back to the author or language community.