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Melbourne Wins Bid for 2008 World Indigenous Education Conference | Indigenous, Conference, Education, Language, Vaeai, Preservation, Australia, Register | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Isla
Melbourne Wins Bid for 2008 World Indigenous Education Conference PDF Print E-mail
Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated (VAEAl) is the successful bidder to host the World indigenous Peoples Conference: Education 2008

VAEAI competed with several other organization and countries to be 'the host of the auspicious World Indigenous People's Conference, Education in 2008-WIPCE 2008. The announcement that VAEAI had been successful in its bid to host the conference In Melbourne was made during the recent 2005 Conference held in Hamilton. New Zealand. This international conference held every 3 years. provides a forum for Indigenous people around the world to come together not only to share and learn from their experiences and promote best practice in indigenous education policies, program and  practice but also to honour and celebrate their cultures traditions.

Expecting up to 4000 delegates the WIPCE will be held at the Melbourne Olympic Parks from 7th to 11th December. Cultural events associated with the Conference will be held at the 5ydney Myer Music Bowl and sites of cultural significance to Indigenous people across Melbourne.

Ms Geraldine Atkinson, Chairperson. VAEAI said -this is an important event for all Indigenous Australians and educators as it will provide us with a unique opportunity to showcase initiative and programs from across the breadth of this continent now called Australia which have a positive impact on the educational outcomes and lives of indigenous people. We will also be able to learn about strategies and practices that have been successful for Indigenous people in a vast array of other countries. And of course forum like this will enable us, as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders across all of Australia, to celebrate our culture and identity with each other and our friends and colleagues from overseas".

Preparation for the conference have commenced and  VAEAI will be working closely with many other people and Organization around Australia including Aboriginal Education Consultative Groups, Indigenous organizations. Educational institutions and State and Federal Governments to ensure this event is a huge success.

"a unique opportunity to showcase initiatives and programs from across the breadth of this Continent”

Further information can be obtained from Michael Saunders, Project Officer, VAEAL Phone: 03 9116 3833
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

UNESCO Register of Good Practices in Language Preservation

The UNESCO Endangered Language. Programme has a new Register of Good Practice in Language Preservation.
The purpose of the Register is to collect experience reports concerning any kind of language preservation effort, from speaker communities, governmental and non-governmental Organizations, academic experts etc.

The goal is to provide a free online practice- based source of information as an aid and encouragement for future language preservation project.

The project is scheduled to run long-term and submissions are now being invited from projects around Australia to be included in the register.

More Information cab be found on the website-