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Fishing | Fish, Fishing, Ngarinyman, Barramundi, Pulling, Quickly, Jaminjung, Ldquothe | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Wuyurrun.garra garrany Nangala Eileen Roberts is fishing. (Ngarinyman)
Wuyurrun.garra garrany Nangala Eileen Roberts is fishing. (Ngarinyman)
Diwur ruwur ru-Jaru Aboriginal Corporation, Kather ine, NT Fishing is very popular at Timber Creek. The ladies I work with have been showing me all about it: how to catch the small fish to use for bait, how to catch bigger fish, and how to cook the fish on the fire. I have recorded all these things on video. Then they tell me about what they are doing in their languages. Now I have made DVDs on catching and cooking fish in Ngarinyman and Jaminjung.


“Yarr gangan, ganbarni yanda
rarraj, yinarrwa-rlu! Yarr
gangan, ganbarni!”

Yinarrwa ngamanyan manan

“The barramundi is pulling, run

It is pulling, hurry!”
Nanagu is getting a big


“Yirr ganantha nunggu
Gabardag yugung bagangu, yirr

Burduj ganantham yina-ngunyi.

“The barramundi is pulling Run
quickly and pull it out!”
She is bringing it out of the

Wuyurrun.garra garrany Nangala
Eileen Roberts is fishing. (Ngarinyman)
Photograph and story by Colleen McQuay