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WayWurru-Dhudhuroa Language Workshop | Language, Indigenous, Workshop, Woiwurrung, Carols, Great, Choir, Wemba | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Jida Murray-Gulpilil, Wemba Wemba
Jida Murray-Gulpilil, Wemba Wemba
Victor ian Abor iginal Corporation for Languages (VACL) Language is on the move in Victoria with VACL’s WayWurru- Dhudhuroa Language Program.

The Wodonga based language program is just about to publish their dictionary and also recently held the Ngudjuwa Ngurang Workshop (Important Meeting) with a view to developing a Language Centre. Held on 14th November in Albury/Wodonga, the workshop gathered local Indigenous people together with representatives of language areas across Victoria and interstate.

The large Indigenous population within Albury/Wodonga is a result of resettlement and as such there has been a great deal of disruption to the community’s cultural identity. There is a great diversity of language and culture that needs to be recognized. The objectives of the
workshop included discussion on how a language centre could address this need. It is hoped that a language centre can provide opportunities for people to reconnect with their  own particular Indigenous heritage in respect to the local traditional languages.

After a fantastic welcome to country from Dhudhuroa Traditional Owner Jida Murray-Gulpalil, everyone moved inside for the different presentations, including a quick Wiradjuri lesson for  beginners. The workshop explored the issues and protocols associated with learning
language ‘off Country’, methods and approaches to setting up language programs, resources available, and most importantly community consultation. It was an opportunity to get discussion started in the Indigenous community and raise interest and awareness in the project.
Experiences were shared and ideas debated. It was great to see more initiatives in language for Indigenous people from Indigenous people.

Woiwurrung Carols

Christmas carols in Woiwurrung language drifted through Federation Square in Melbourne on a sunny day last December. The Aboriginal Children’s Choir, comprising Indigenous and non- Indigenous kids between the  ages of 8 and 14 entertained an appreciative crowd with carols
in the Woiwurrung language, including songs composed by senior Wurunjeri Elder, Aunty Joy Wandin Murphy. Lou Bennet also played with the
Choir, complementing the kids beautifully with her generous spirit and strong songs. The Choir has been busy - playing 6 gigs in as many months, and looks forward to new songs and a full schedule in 2007.

ida Murray-Gulpilil, Wemba Wemba
Photograph courtesy of The Border Mail