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LINGAD 07 | Lingad, Indigenous, Kaurna, Conference, Country, Adelaide, Delegates, Plenary | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Jack Buckskin, member of the Taikurtinna dance group at the opening of the LINGAD conference
warra wiltaniappendi

strengthening languages

Indigenous Language workers from all over Australia travelled to Kaurna country (Adelaide) LINGAD 07, to explore and express their experiences of preserving and invigorating Indigenous languages. Traditional owner, Kauwanu (Uncle) Lewis Yerloburka O’Brien, welcomed delegates to country, ‘Marni ninna budni womma tarndanyanna: Kaurna Yerta’ ‘Welcome to the Adelaide Plains: Kaurna Country’, at the opening address on Tuesday the 25th of September. Then things got busy. Thirty-five presentations, four keynote addresses, six plenary sessions, a hypothetical and a three-course conference dinner followed.



Detail of boomerang from Taikurtinna dancer
In amongst all of this activity however, the real value of the conference was apparent: yarning, reuniting with old friends and colleagues, sharing experiences, and planning for the future over coffee. As always, it’s the people that make these events, and the delegates attending LINGAD 07 were busy engaging and connecting with one another from the very first morning. It was a great place to be inspired about Indigenous languages.

There were many highlights. The tone was set with the first plenary panel: impressive and articulate speeches from eminent leaders in Indigenous language work from all corners of the country. Leonora Adidi from Saibai Island, Lorraine Injie from the Pilbara, John Atkinson
from Victoria, Ngarpadla (Auntie) Alitya Wallara Rigney from Yorke Peninsular, and Raymattja Marika from north-east Arnhem Land were all dignified and engaging contributors. Many important presentations followed over the next 3 days, of which more information may be found by contacting the conveyor, Mr Rob Avery at the University of Adelaide. Conference recommendations may be found at