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Welcome to Watee(Dugong) Classroom | Ayuva, Irsquom, North, Anduva, Mekim, Upunun, Indigenous, Water | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Welcome to Watee(Dugong) Classroom
Leileni Woosup

Creole English Anghamuthi Yu giv-im mi water - give me the water - ANDUVA UTIG AYUVA IPI Wanim yu mek-im? - how are you? - ANDUVA ANIE UPUNUN
Ai good - I’m good - AYUVA IKAMA Ai go aus - I’m going home - AYUVA ANA AWUCHI Where yu go? - Where are you going? - ANDUBA ANDONU ANA?
I mek-im work - I’m going to work - UPUNUN IUBA WAKANG ANA

Welcome to Watee(Dugong) Classroom
Lindsay Billy
Anghamuthi is one of 3 Indigenous languages of the Northern Peninsular Area. It is spoken by the people of the ‘Seven Rivers’ region on the north west coast of Cape York, including Injinoo, which means ‘everybody together’ in Anghamuthi. Atambaya is spoken by the people of the
central north region, and Gudang by the ‘Somerset’ people of the north east. Since the 1940’s Creole has become the common language of all these regions and the indigenous languages have mostly died out.

FATSIL gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Mr Robbie Salee in writing this story.