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FATSILC AGM 2008 | National, Indigenous, Government, Karpany, Aboriginal, Agencies, Funding, Fatsil | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Denis Karpany, FATSILC chairperson, identified some key areas of work for 2008:





FATSIL National Indigenous Languages Forum 2008 Delegates
  • to appoint a new national manager by May 2008 whose primary objective will be to build relationships with Government and non-government agencies and to advocate on behalf of Indigenous communities around Australia.
  • to lobby for an increase in the overall funding for the MILR Program. Since its inception as a National Program in 1992 there has only been the CPI increase, and the one off funding over a 3-year period as a result of the ‘Bringing Them Home’ report.
  • an acknowledgment and recognition in the Australian Constitution that Aboriginal languages are the first languages of this land and are accepted as official languages alongside English, along the same lines as what has been done in New Zealand.
  • FATSIL AGM 2008
    Denise Karpany, FATSIL Chairperson & Warren Mundine, ALP National President
    the development of a legislative base for our languages. A precedent for this has already been set in the United States of America. Their first legislation happened in about 1996; with amendments passed recently in December 2006. . to strengthen the partnerships we have with other agencies in Health, Education, the Legal and Court systems, Interpreting & Translating Centres, Housing, Training & Employment, National Indigenous Television and other Aboriginal Units in Government departments.