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Murra Yerribi Yerribi Dyunial Buranda | Ngambri, Yerribi, Invasions, Lsquoblack, Neighbouring, Dyunial, White, Murra | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Murra Yerribi Yerribi Dyunial Buranda
Murra Yerribi Yerribi Dyunial Buranda
(The Ngambri people were the custodians of the country south-west of Weereewaa (Lake George), which includes the modern Australian Capital Territory. The name of the capital, Canberra, derives from that of their ancestral group. The population of the combined Ngambri and their neighbouring kin group, the Ngurmal, was reduced from 1000 or more to about 50, only 40 years or so after the first white invasions and also as a result of invasions from neighbouring Ngambri enemies. The Ngambri leader at the time of the first white invasions was Onyong. The best known survivors of the second generation of Ngambri, some of whom had a European as well as a Ngambri parent, were Bobby Hamilton, Nanny, Jimmy Taylor, Kangaroo Tommy, ‘Black Dick’ Lowe and Henry ‘Black Harry’ Williams.