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Ngambunyjarri | Leaves, Coolibah, Ngunha, Malbarnungu, Treat, Head, Cold, Scabies | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Thalanyji Name: Gurrurdu
Common Name: Coolibah
Family: Myrtaceae
Genus: Eucalyptus

Thagaru ngunha wurrulybanyjarrinha gurrurdubarndi. Guthuwaru babangga. Muthugaru ngunha babanha. Bunthalbugaya barna malyarrarriyarra ngurndurawardu. Banyu mundigu, bijibijirriyarratharra.

Malbarnungu ngarriwarri gubujumurdu wurrulybala. Bajaru thugurdanha, thugurda wantharranha. Wurrulybanha wanbayiru malbarnunguwarrinha. Manyjarndaya wigarrithu.

 The Coolibah is a source of medicine and sweets. The young leaves are boiled and when the liquid has cooled down, it can be drunk to treat the flu or a head cold. It is also good for sores, scabies and itchy rashes.

Malbarnungu (Lerps)
Leaps are little white specks (insect by-products) on the gum leaves. They are sweet and eaten as lollies. They can be collected by hitting the leaves so that they fall onto the sheet held underneath them.