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Ngeniyerriya | Sorry, Language, Government, Eastern, Doole, Arrernte, Ngiyambaa, Beginnings | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Kalyparinganyi - Saying sorry. Pitjantjatjara (provided by Alex Kelly from Makinti Minutjukur of Ernabella)

Duudul - Sorry. Gumbaynggirr. (provided by Muurbay Aboriginal Language and Culture Co-op Ltd – Ken Walker)

Yama-gara - new beginnings. Ngiyambaa (provided by Ralph Doole)

Government alhwarrpe anthurre ampe mape rakeke-iperre mekwe-ntyele - The Government is really sorry for taking the children away from their mothers. Eastern Arrernte (provided by Veronica Dobson)

Keriba au omar kerbi bvaiem we nerkep asi digieda emeretlam - Our deepest sorry to our family for their longtime heartache. Meriam Mir. (provided by Charles Passi for Aunty Olay Passi)

NGANKI-KA DAMNGANMARDATHIN DA MANGE WIYE-DHANGUNU NGUMAMNARRA NGURNIN-NARNBERTKUT-DHA NGARRA DARRIKARDU NANKI KATHU I DAMNGANMARDATHIN DA PUTEK KARDU DARRIKARDU, KU NGAKUMARL I MURRINH NGARRA NANKI MERE THE WARDA NUMABATH - We are sorry for the pain and suffering caused when you were removed from your families which caused you to lose your connection with your land, your cultural heritage and your language. Murrinhpatha (provided by Ngiparl Boniface Perdjert, Pinpirrith Chula, Mayirri Tunmuck, Dittin Kungul, Mark Crocombe (Wadeye Aboriginal Language Centre)

Ipeltye-irreme - apologise, make friends. Eastern Arrernte (provided by Gail Woods)

- an apology. Awabakal (provided by Dianne Newman - Arwarbukarl Cultural Resource Assoc. Inc)

Nginja nguri - sorry for you. Tiwi (provided by Marguerita Kerinaiua)

Yama-gara - new beginnings. Ngiyambaa (provided by Ralph Doole)

Nganana kuwari kalyparinganyi - we are saying sorry.Pitjantjatjara (provided by Makinti Minutjukur from Ernabella via Alex Kelly)

Nyoorn winyarn kedla-k- Sorry for sorry day. Noongar (provided by Denise Smith-Ali)

These commemorative posters are produced by Batchelor College and are available at