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Ni Ni Ndrru | Gloria, Thancoupie, Ndrru, James, Songs, Thaynakwith, Fletcher, Sung | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Ni Ni Ndrru
Grace James, Jimmy Amjak James, Thancoupie Gloria Fletcher, Ida Paul(Athailpine)
Thaynakwith is spoken by the people north of Mission River on the west coast of Cape York. Thaynakwith songs are sung with a lilting melody as are the songs of much of the pacific. They speak of experiences and feelings that are very much those of the Thaynakwith people themselves. The composer or author of each song is remembered and respected as an artist, and the family keeps these songs as cultural contributions made by their ancestors. They are often sung again at the funerals of family members, or of members of the same tribe.

Ni Ni Ndrru
Ni Ni Ndrru
This song was composed by Mr Jimmy Amjak James who was Thancoupie Gloria Fletcher’s father. It is taken from Thanakupi’s Guide to Language and Culture, a recently published dictionary of Thaynakwith language by Thancoupie Gloria Fletcher.

For more information contact © sketchs by Thancoupie Gloria Fletcher

ayghi ndrru ne’ ey
kun nu rregha ndra’ Tudu Aylan ey
ni’ ni’ ndrru avo rregha
ndrra-n chana yenji woegha nji-y
ndrru vana voghu nu
hong ndra’avam thithamini ey
avama thirrim avam chach che