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FATSIL Policy Development | Language, Indigenous, Fatsil, Organisations, Bull, Funding, Program, Policy | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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FATSIL Policy Development
Garth Agius FATSIL South Australia Delegate
• To create an Indigenous Language Policy in all states and territories, and thereafter a National Indigenous Languages Policy. All policies
should be developed in partnership with local language organisations across Australia.
• To fund the Maintenance of Indigenous Languages and Records Program (MILR) to a level that enables FATSIL, local language centres and regional Aboriginal language management organisations to properly resource staff and activities for realistic program and project outcomes. FATSIL also believes that MILR should be funded on a triennial basis.
• To re-evaluate the program funding agreements for Indigenous programs. The agreements for Indigenous programs often use complex language that people with limited educational backgrounds struggle to understand. In particular the information about Indigenous
Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights should be better presented.
FATSIL Policy Development
Sahardi Garling FATSIL Northen Territory Delegate
• To attain Gift Recipient Status (GRS) from the Australian Taxation Office. We would also like language to be recognised as an essential component of culture and for a change of legislation that reflects this. We believe that the current criteria is preventing us, and many other local language organisations, from securing additional funding from non-government sources.
• To assist the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) to create a better arrangement for funding Torres Strait Islander language projects
on the mainland.


FATSIL Policy Development
Ronald Edward
FATSIL Policy Development
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